The United Commonwealth

I am currently a doctoral student, pursuing advanced degree study in Philosophy & Religion, with a focus on Aesthetics and Cosmology.  I completed a course in April 2019, The Patterns of Meaning in Human Discourse. In this course, I examined the writings of Aristotle, Montaigne, Montesquieu, and Tocqueville, particularly focusing on the migration of language from British to American English, and the use of metaphor, conciseness, and verbal ambiguity.

Encountering some difficulties with composing a final paper for this course, I asked Facebook friends, "What are your most irksome grammar/word misuses?" Their replies contributed to this final submission, a paper that includes a play on words, entitled, High Treason.  Here's a copy of the paper, shared particularly with friends who commented with their language peeves. Many thanks!

An Exercise: Language Castes

The above table is an overview of The United Commonwealth's language castes, a fictional future society with populous classes divided by language usage.