"I am a Conceptual Photographer with a portfolio of more than 70 design concepts featuring my own prop fabrication, staging, costuming, modeling, makeup-artistry and retouching. 

While I have a professional background in NonProfit Management Consulting, Art History and Administration, and Literary Arts, my current artistic efforts are focused in the visual arts, primarily self-portraiture. My art embodies an element of allegory, where I aim to bring social and spiritual metaphors to life. Each image features narrative prose to amplify the conceptual context. My work has explored such abstractions as Regret, Missed Opportunities, Despair, Patience, and Restoration."


Artist | Professor | Advocate

Marie holds a M.A. in Public Policy & Fine Arts from Carnegie Mellon University; a B.A. in Art History from the University of Chicago; and has earned a Graduate Certificate in Science - Faith Apologetics, from Hope International University.  She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Arts degree in Philosophy & Religion, with an emphasis in Cosmology and Aesthetics at Harrison Middleton University.    

Marie is a past award recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts - Arts Administration Fellowship. With a keen interest in theology, cosmology, and philosophy, she serves as a certified member of the Volunteer Apologist Community with the renowned science-faith think tank, Reasons to Believe.  Along with visual arts, Marie recently served as Director of Academic Services, and Faculty in the Theology, Arts & Culture M.A. and Graduate Certificate programs, at Kilns College.

My Process


Candids of prop-making, staging and special effects make-up.

Music While I Work....