Crazy Tidbits


Who's the clumsiest person on the planet? Me -- if there's a wall, I'll bump it; a glass, I'll break it;  

a baby, I'll... well let's just say I admire little ones from afar.

Yes, ​I have an unparalleled superpower for parallel parking. Big cities, mid-size cars, tight spaces, no problem.

Along with 0.08% of the female population, I'm a Myers-Briggs INTJ.  This tidbit alone will undoubtedly SCARE most.  For others, it'll be the "aha, that's why" puzzle piece!

Favorite places: Reykjavik, Barcelona, Cost Plus World Market; libraries, and loose tea shops worldwide.

If I could be anything, other than who I am, I'd be an astronaut... or a full-time mystery shopper.

I'm a SCUBA Diver; have lots of stories on my near fatal underwater encounters with manta rays and fire coral!

Am an unforgiving pen snob... fountains or gels only.  Ball points... YUCK!

There's only one music streaming provider, I will fall on my sword, or makeup brush for... Try the Digitalis, Groove Salad, Indie Pop Rocks, Lush, or Sonic Universe stations.  Listener-supported, so drop a donation their way, if you can! And pick up some rad SomaFM swag.